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General Access PC Suites are available for use by all registered staff and students. Login to these computers through your Campus Account.

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Library PC Suites

There are two PC suites located on the upper floors of the James Hardiman Library and one on the lower level of the Nursing and Midwifery Library.

You can log on to the PCs in these suites with your Campus Account Credentials. The PC Suites are managed by ISS. If you have any problems, please contact their Help Desk.

The PCs contain standard software applications, a list of the software on these machines is available for General Access PCs

Multi Functional Printers are located in the Photocopy rooms on each floor of the Library. The cost of photocopying and scanning is deducted from your print credit in the same way that print jobs are. 

Further information on the computer suites throughout the University is available from the ISS website.

Need Help? There is a phone located beside each suite which you can use to contact the ISS Service Desk.

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ISS Service Desk

ISS Service Desk

ISS Service Desk
091 49 5777