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Enhance your digital literacy skills by immersing yourself in our comprehensive array of self-paced learning resources. Within this curated collection, you'll have the opportunity to delve into a diverse range of topics that span from cultivating effective study habits for achieving academic excellence to mastering the intricacies of operating a 3D printer with confidence. Our carefully crafted resources empower you to not only navigate the digital landscape adeptly but also to thrive within it.

Whether you're a student aiming to streamline your study techniques or an enthusiast eager to explore the realm of three-dimensional fabrication, our platform offers a wealth of knowledge and guidance to cater to your aspirations. Embark on a journey of self-improvement as you uncover insights on digital organization, acquire essential digital communication skills, and unlock the potential of cutting-edge technologies through the lens of our user-friendly and self-paced modules. No matter your current proficiency level, these resources are designed to adapt to your pace and style of learning, ensuring a rewarding and enriching experience as you embrace the boundless possibilities of the digital world.

Tutorials Description Level
Drone Flying & Safety Basics An introduction to safely and legally flying a drone in Ireland. Beginner
Intro to 3D Printing An introduction to 3D printing in the Library. Beginner
Using EndNote How to use EndNote to manage your references. Beginner
Getting Started with your Studies What's expected of you, campus information, using your email and Blackboard. Beginner
Getting Organised Skills for study, life and work. How to set and achieve study goals. Beginner
Communication Skills Skills for communicating online, in teams and when giving presentations. Beginner
IT and Digital Skills Develop your IT and digital skills to serve you better as a student. Beginner
Reading and Research Skills Hone your research and note taking strategies and learn about research ethics. Beginner
Critical Thinking Learn about and develop your critical thinking skills. Beginner
Mathematics and Statistics An introduction to maths and stats to help your research. Beginner
Assignments and Exams Learn about different types of assignments and exams, and how to prepare for them. Beginner
All Aboard A national project that aims to empower learners and teachers to support their work, their study, or other aspects of living in a digital age. Beginner
Introducing the Library This playlist offers an introduction to services and collections offered by the Library. Beginner
Citing and Referencing Workshop on Citing and Referencing. Beginner
Conducting a Literature Review A video playlist on Conducting a Literature Review for NUI Galway staff and students. Beginner
Searching Systematically In this lesson, you'll learn how to undertake a search and review of research literature. Beginner
Referencing Learn why it is important to reference, how to reference correctly and how to decode references. Beginner
Navigating the Information Landscape An introduction to sources including scholarly sources, getting started with search techniques. Learning outcomes include critical thinking and evaluating information. Beginner
SensusAccess A guide and tool for document conversion, allowing you to convert your readings and research into formats including Word, e-book or MP3. Beginner