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Equipment & More

We have laptops and equipment which can be used in the Library or checked out for up to one week.

  • Audio & Video: Microphones, Cameras, and Tripods may be borrowed from the Library MakerSpace
  • Computing: Raspberry Pis, Arduino boards, Circuit Playgrounds, and more
  • Drones: Anyone using the Library MakerSpace Drones must ensure that they are able to safely and legally fly a drone in Ireland. You must complete drone competency training through MySRS and through the Library's regular drone safety training sessions. You will be required to enter your Irish Aviation Authority Registration number to borrow the drone. Please see the Drone Safety library guide for more information
  • Digital Art: Borrow drawing tablets for use with Mac, PC, or tablet
  • Library Laptops: Available for Library use only
  • Sustainability: Codema Energy Kits contain six tools to help you make your home more energy efficient. The tools enable you to save on electricity costs and help the environment too
  • Virtual Reality: You can borrow an Oculus or Oculus 2 headset. These come with a number of apps and games pre-installed. To request specific apps, contact the MakerSpace for Students