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Finding Information in the European Documentation Centre

The European Document Centre (EDC) collection is located on the ground floor of the Library within the compact shelving and is accessible during Library opening hours.

Typically, the collection consists of a selection of publications from the following institutions of the European Union. Many of these publications can also be found online.

Books and Serials in the European Documentation Centre can be searched for on the Library Catalogue.

EDC Books

This collection consists of the one-off reports and associated publications produced by the European Commission and other European agencies. The various treaties in draft and finished form will be located here as many of the important European reports over the years on policy initiatives to do with the EEC and the European Union.

EDC Serials

EDC Serials (EDCS) consist of series, journals and magazines produced by the European agencies. Many of the leading annual reports and publications will be located here such as the:

Researching the European Union

  • CORDIS: Information on EU scientific and technological research and development
  • EC Library: The European Commission Library catalogue is a very useful source for all European topics
  • EU Bookshop: The EU Bookshop is an online bookshop, library and archive of publications dating back to 1952
  • EUR-Lex: The interface of law portal of the European Union.
  • Europa Website: The umbrella website for the European Union
  • SCADPlus: Summaries of EU Legislation