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You Said & We did

The Library regularly makes changes in response to feedback received through our regular LibQual surveys and emails.

Do you have suggestions? Email us at

See below a few of the changes that have recently been implemented in response to your suggestions. 

You Said

We Did

Nothing is obvious on the website and it needs more attention The website has been extensively reviewed and redeveloped following focus groups and assessment of analytics. The new website is organised based on user groups, making it easier for you to find the content you need. We will continue to assess the analytics for the new site and make updates as necessary.
It is difficult to find my way around the Library building We are organising a number of Library tours for orientation week as well as a virtual reality tour. 
I am not aware of the training available from the Library We consolidated skills supports into resources like First Year In: FYI and are making it easier to view and book Library workshops. We are also promoting workshops to academic staff to encourage them to organise training sessions for their students.
You don't have the books my lecturer expects me to read We have liaised with all lecturers on the Reading List service. Once we recieve reading lists, we purchase the books and make them available for you.
I want a higher limit of the books I can borrow as a PhD student We have increased the loan limit for PhD students from 10 to 20.