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Digital Research & Innovation

The Library enables digital research by supporting researchers in using digital evidence, new modern methods of inquiry, research, publication, and preservation. We focus on supporting research using data, enabling infrastructures, and technology.

Digital scholarship is a term for modern scholarship that uses digital approaches and technology. Digital scholarship defines a set of services that facilitate digital research and teaching in universities and other research institutions. These services are often within the digital arena. They can encompass research support, open access, digital repositories, digital exhibitions, project management, digital publishing, metadata, impact, discovery, digital preservation, identifiers, copyright, data management, and research metrics.

The library has a digital scholarship enablement strategy, updated in 2019. The digital scholarship enablement strategy aims to provide a sustainable and usable technology and operational infrastructure for teaching and research activities.

Digital scholarship aims to develop services in three areas: open access to research output, digital archives and collections, and research data. We work on several digital projects with researchers.

How We Help

  • Assignment of identifiers to promote discovery
  • Hosting of digital collections in library repositories
  • Open access dissemination of research outputs
  • Management of research data
  • Participation in text mining and data analysis
  • Provision of spaces, tools, equipment and training for digital scholarship

Partners and Collaborators