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The role of the Library Strategy Committee is to ensure that the academic needs of the University are met and that the Library develops and maintains appropriate services, collections and facilities for staff, students and other users in accordance with the University’s strategic plan. The Committee reports to Academic Council which receives the minutes of the Committee.

Library Strategy Committee and Terms of Reference‌ >‌

Terms of Reference

  • Advise on Library strategy, planning, policy and resourcing, playing a consultative role in new initiatives
  • Engage actively with stakeholders and constituencies on an ongoing basis
  • Ensure that Library services, collections and facilities are embedded in the University’s academic mission and overall strategy
  • Establish working or advisory groups for specific purposes as required

The Committee takes a strategic role, shaping the development of the Library in accordance with the University’s strategy and the Library’s strategic plan. It is intended that membership is a stimulating and fulfilling experience, with the opportunity to contribute positively and to achieve. Members work closely with the Library, deepening their understanding through briefings and previewing, questioning and advising on new developments to deliver positive outcomes for all. They influence strongly at and beyond meetings, advocating for the Library and championing its role on campus and externally. An outward-looking approach enables the Library to promote the University in the wider world.