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QA814 Study Break Policy 


In response to feedback, and to reduce the instances of desk hogging, the Library has a 'Study Break Policy' in place during peak times in the Library. This enables students to take a break from study, without losing their study space in the Library, while ensuring that desks are available to others if a student is gone for more than one hour.

Policy Guidelines:

  • The Study Break Policy will be in place Monday to Friday during peak pre-exam periods of both Semesters.
  • Users must make use of an "I'm Taking a Study Break" timesheet, to record the time they leave for a break. (One sheet can be used 40 times thereby eliminating the needto pick up a new sheet each day).
  • Breaks can be of 5 – 60 minutes duration.
  • Timesheets will be available at the entrance to the Library and at both front and rear entrances/exits on all three floors.
  • Library staff will patrol all study areas during peak weeks, to check unattended desks for the "I'm Taking a Study Break" timesheet. If there is no timesheet, or if the time recorded has expired, belongings may be removed.
  • Students seeing an unattended desk with no "I'm Taking a Study Break" timesheet, or the time recorded on it has expired, are free to move belongings to one side and to muse the space. If they feel uncomfortable doing this, they may ask a member of the Library staff for assistance.

All users of the Library are expected to abide by Library policies.

Download PDF copy of the policy: QA814 Study Break Policy




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