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QA810 Noise & Mobile Phone Policy


The Library is committed to providing a welcoming and comfortable environment that is conducive to a variety of study needs. To cater for the different requirements of library users and recognising that different noise levels are suitable for different activities, the following noise policy is in effect.

General Guidelines

  • Mobile phones and other electronic equipment (tablets, e-readers, etc.) must be set to silent on entering the Library.
  • If it is necessary to use your phone to make or receive calls you may do so only on the emergency stairs at the southern or Áras na Gaeilge end of the Library building.
  • Headphones may be used in the library providing noise from the headphones cannot be heard by other users. If other users can hear the audio, it is too loud.
  • Users who fail to comply with this policy may be asked to move to a more appropriate area or to leave the Library.

Specific Study Zones

Users bear the responsibility of selecting a study area that best meets their study and research needs. Users should not select an area where their work will negatively impact others or where the allowed activities of other users will disturb them.

Silent Zones

There are two silent zones, one on each of the 2 upper floors of the Library which are clearly designated as such via signage at the entrance to the spaces. These areas are for users requiring no noise or distractions. The following rules apply:

  • No talking or conversations
  • No group work
  • No phones
  • No food
  • No headphones
  • Laptops on silent

Quiet Study Zones

The remainder of the Library including the Short Stay Zones and PC Suites, operates as a quiet study zone. Individual study carrels tend to be relatively quiet while the larger study tables in open areas tend to be less so. The following rules apply:

  • Whispered conversations of short duration only
  • No group work
  • Phones on silent
  • No noise from headphones
  • Laptops on silent

Group Study Rooms

Groups of two or more wishing to work collaboratively should use one of the 6 bookable Group Study Rooms located on floor 2 of the main Library and floor 1 of the Nursing & Midwifery Library extension. These rooms can be booked via the Library Catalogue and the keys checked out from the Holds Request Collections Room adjacent to the Library & IT Service Desk on the ground floor by the person who made the booking. In addition, there is a first-come first-served communal Group Study Room which can accommodate 5 groups located on floor 1 of the main Library. The following rules apply:

  • Moderate conversation levels so as not to disturb others in the immediate vicinity
  • Phones on silent
  • No food 

Reporting a noise disturbance:

You are invited to report violations of this policy via the Live Chat service on the Library's website from 08.30-18.00 Monday to Friday, please remember to provide a good description of the location of the disturbance. Outside of these times inappropriate mobile phone use and other noise issues should be brought to the attention of a member of the Library Stewards team who regularly patrol the floors and are on duty at the entrance to the Library.

Download PDF copy of the policy: QA810 Noise & Mobile Phones Policy

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