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Borrowing Equipment

You can borrow equipment, including drones, VR headsets and tripods, for up to one week.

You can also book a slot to use the PC's, Macs, and equipment in the MakerSpace whenever the Library is open.

What's Available

Maker PCs & Mac Minis

Our PCs have a higher specification than those available in most of the PC suites on campus and we have some of the only Mac Minis aroundCheck the booking page for the software available on each computer. Adobe CC is installed on Maker Mac 01 and Maker PC 02.

3D Printing

3D printing is free for both students and staff of NUI Galway. We print in PLA (and resin by request) and have three 3D printers in use: Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2 Extended, and Form2. Learn how to use the free service and submit a design for printing here.

Laser & Vinyl Cutting

The Beambox and Cricut Maker 3 can be reserved through the booking page. Be sure to bring your own materials and keep an eye out for workshops on getting started.

Borrowing Equipment

We also offer free equipment borrowing including drones, VR headsets, camera equipment, Raspberry Pis, Arduinos and more. Equipment can be collected from and returned to the Library & IT Service Desk. View the equipment page to see items and availability.