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éirmheas ar an leabhar Leabhar Gramadaí Gaeilge le Nollaig Mac Congáil, 2002

Le Aonghus Ó Flatharta

It can't be denied that 'Leabhar Gramadaí Gaeilge' by Nollaig Mac Congáil is a valuable book for any learner looking to improve their Irish language skills. Whether you're seeking an in-depth grammar course or just a quick grammar reference here and there, this book can meet the needs of any learner. It provides both terminology and grammar rules in the book, along with guidance on avoiding Anglicisms at the end of the book while translating text. This book demonstrates that Mac Congáil is an accomplished expert capable of explaining Irish grammar clearly and effectively. It's definitely worth delving into the book and describing its strongest aspects.

At first glance, the content of the book itself may not appear groundbreaking, but it's innovative in this compact field because it allows dealing with the same content effortlessly, as it includes grammar notes and explanations based on what's in Ó Dónaill's Irish-English Dictionary. Consequently, the book's layout and chapters are straightforward, providing a lot of assistance for anyone seeking regular knowledge and aspiring to achieve perfect grammar. The book outlines an intelligible, organized approach to learning as the language elements are arranged in the correct order. The result of this layout is that a learner will be able to make significant progress in the learning process and strive to control and edit their Irish. As a result, this layout will provide a means for your benefit if you are far along in your studies. It is said that everyone is on a learning journey, and this book is an asset to shorten this journey significantly.

However, no one is without fault, and it has been almost twenty-two years since this excellent book was written. There may be a need for a delayed reprint because so much time has passed since the book was published. Nevertheless, Mac Congáil's work is hard to surpass. This book fulfills the needs of both spoken and written Irish language users, and if you are out of your comfort zone reading grammar terminology in Irish, you can easily find an English version online or in bookstores.