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QA820 Self-Service Charging Lockers Policy


Thirty-six self-service charging lockers are available in the James Hardiman Library foyer. The lockers provide both USB and power connections for the charging of phones, tablets and laptops, and are secured with a user-selected four-digit combination. Users must provide their own charging cables.

Instructions for locking and unlocking the lockers are posted at the top of each locker tower.

Terms & Conditions

Users are responsible for ensuring they lock their locker securely, select a strong secure 4-digit code, remember the number of the locker they use, and the combination they set.

The University of Galway and James Hardiman Library assume no liability for lost, damaged or stolen items caused by using the charging lockers.

Lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and may only be used to store electronic devices while they are charging.

All lockers must be emptied by library closing time, and any locker remaining locked thereafter will be opened by library personnel and anything other than electronic devices stored in the lockers will be disposed of, or if deemed of value, treated as Lost & Found items.

If a user forgets their code they will need, to reclaim the contents of a locker, to provide proof of University of Galway membership, along with demonstrated knowledge of ownership of the electronic device, to the Library Steward on duty at the Entrance Desk.

Download PDF copy of the policy: QA820 Self-Service Charging Lockers Policy

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