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QA807 Exhibiting at the Hardiman Research Building

The Hardiman Research Building houses the University’s Library, Moore and Whitaker Institutes. In the foyer of the building are housed several exhibition spaces (physical and virtual), along with two Seminar Rooms, all of which are normally available for booking free of charge by academic staff, students, researchers and external individuals and bodies upon application. The exhibition area is a multi-purpose space that accommodates exhibitions and events, therefore accepted exhibitions must be amenable to the multi-purpose nature of the space.

Exhibition Facilities

  • Exhibition Pavilion comprising 24 moveable display panels, overhead LED spot lights, and an integrated LCD Screen. As outlined in the image below the mobile display panels allow for the selection of several different layouts.
Exhibition  Pavilion Exhibition  Pavilion 2 Exhibition  Pavilion 3


  • ‌‌‌Corridor walls leading off the foyer suitable for the mounting of up to 14 display panels measuring c. 60cm x 84cm. This space may be reserved for the display of additional material complementing that being exhibited via the Exhibition Pavilion; alternatively this area may be booked for smaller stand-alone exhibitions, such as those being mounted in association with a seminar or conference. 
  • Adjacent to the corridor walls is a small exhibition space, located outside the two Seminar Rooms, suitable for exhibits comprising up to two exhibition cases along with two to three free-standing display panels
  • Video Wall (3 LCD screens wide x 3 LCD screens high)
  • 1 Projector
  • 5 Exhibition cases – pedestal table with top case – varying in size from 50” wide x 23” deep, to 46” wide x 13” deep and 35” wide x 11” deep

Exhibition spaces are open to the public during the following hours:

  • Term-Time: 08.30-22.00 Monday to Friday; 08.30-17.30 Saturday; 10.00-17.30 Sunday
  • Vacation Periods: 08.30-17.30 Monday to Friday; Closed: Saturday/Sunday


The Hardiman Research Building exhibition space offers opportunities for informational, cultural and intellectual growth through the exhibit of displays, artefacts, works of art and other materials.

In support of this goal a HRB Exhibitions Committee has been established charged with responsibility for overseeing all exhibitions in the Hardiman Research Building and in particular for scheduling and coordinating exhibits, and overseeing and regulating the loans of University of Galway materials for exhibition elsewhere. Exhibition proposals will be assessed by the committee in accordance with the selection criteria outlined below.

Application Process

All prospective exhibitors must submit a completed QA807 Exhibiting at the Hardiman Research Building Proposal Form (including all required attachments) via e-mail to

All proposals for major exhibitions must normally be completed and received at least 6 months prior to the requested date of exhibition, a shorter lead time may apply in the case of smaller projects. Applications will be reviewed by the HRB Exhibitions Committee at their monthly meetings, and applicants will be notified about the outcome by e-mail or phone. Please note that all decisions are final and not subject to review. Once a proposal has been approved an Exhibition Contract will be agreed.

Selection Criteria

  • Value to diverse community interests
  • Educational/artistic merit
  • Social/cultural significance
  • Local or regional interest
  • Interest and relevance to general public
  • Showcase on campus research activity and distil relevancy/utility
  • Professional treatment of exhibition content
  • Quality of exhibition design, implementation, artistic merit and originality
  • Suitability to, and availability of, Hardiman Research Building exhibition spaces
  • Inclusion of additional related public events such as lectures, seminars, gallery talks, discussions, or workshops
  • Potential for touring the exhibition in due course
  • Opportunities for publication(s) resulting from the research underpinning the exhibition, or any other potential reuse of the content

Exhibitions and all related public events such as lectures, gallery talks etc. must be free of charge and open to the public. Hardiman Research Building exhibition spaces may not be used for commercial or for political purposes, for profit, or for fundraising, other than fundraising that supports the University. If such a fundraising, or commercial opportunity, can be afforded in conjunction with an exhibition, suggestions as to how this might be developed are welcome as part of the application process.
The HRB Exhibitions Committee will not consider submissions which are not fully funded by the exhibitor prior to application. All applicants must submit budget details and list of funding sources for the proposed exhibition in their proposals. Where appropriate, any potential sponsorship opportunities which could attach to an exhibition, should be outlined.

The HRB Exhibitions Committee will assume no financial responsibility for any portion of the exhibition costs. At the sole discretion of the HRB Exhibitions Committee some limited professional support in terms of input from the Library’s Archives/Special Collections staff in the development of the exhibition, and support in the use of the available IT equipment, may be possible where appropriate, depending on Library service needs, and a request for such support must be highlighted at the application stage.

Presentation Requirements

Preparation of materials for exhibition is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and must meet a high standard in respect of design, materials and installation practices. Samples of all materials must be submitted to the HRB Exhibitions Committee for approval before the exhibition is mounted. All content (including panels and label text) must be fully legible, accessible, and comprehensible to a wide-ranging audience. The University’s Procurement Office has established a panel of design companies who can be engaged to assist with detailed bespoke design, such as exhibition displays. Please see details below.  

Allen Creative
Contact: Aideen Allen
01 473 7388 / 086 8520549
Oliver Marketing
Contact: Susan Foley
01 8304447
Proactive Design & Marketing
Contact: Breda Newell
091 565 154
Proviz Limited
Contact: Madeline Larkin
091 638810
Tag Ireland
Contact: Stephen Green
00 44 7753301881

The HRB Exhibitions Committee is solely responsible for the provision of the exhibition space for approved exhibitions. All additional requirements for installation (including panel set-up, movement and preparation of caseworks, mounting systems, electrical needs and carpentry) and de-installation of the exhibition are the financial and personal responsibility of the exhibitor and must be contracted and scheduled with the HRB Exhibitions Committee’s nominee prior to installation, and have been outlined in detail at the application stage.

Exhibitors will be given a date for installation and dismantling of the exhibition on approval of their application. The exhibitor must strictly adhere to these dates as not doing so will interfere with the exhibiting schedule of the Hardiman Research Building. If the Hardiman Research Building is required to dismantle an exhibition because it is not removed as scheduled, it shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the exhibition items and the exhibitor may be invoiced in respect of the costs incurred by the University in removing the exhibited materials.

The HRB Exhibitions Committee also reserves the right to remove any item form an exhibition or change the format of display if it is determined that the item does not match the exhibition proposal as originally submitted, poses a health or safety hazard, is too large or otherwise inappropriate for the exhibition space or display cases available, exceeds acceptable noise and light levels or interferes with the University activities for which the space is intended.

University of Galway and the Hardiman Research Building does not provide insurance coverage for exhibitions or any items therein or assume any responsibility for the loss, theft of, or damage to any materials in an exhibition. The exhibitor is responsible for the insurance on any and all exhibited materials not from the Library’s collections. Unmonitored CCTV cameras are installed in the exhibition space as back-up security, however all items in an exhibition are displayed at the exhibitor’s/owner’s risk and all exhibitors shall indemnify University of Galway, the Hardiman Research Building and its employees from any claims resulting from loss or damage to the exhibition during transportation, exhibition or storage. University of Galway reserves the right, at any time, to request a copy of the Exhibitor’s relevant insurance policies.

The exhibitor shall also be held liable to University of Galway for any loss or damage caused to any of the materials utilised from the Library’s collections in their exhibition.

Publicity & Events

Publicity for exhibitions and related events will be coordinated through the HRB Exhibitions Committee in association with the exhibitor. Plans for related events and publicity are required as part of the application process, as are details of any proposed launch events, opening speaker, catalogue etc. for which the exhibitor will be responsible. All exhibitions will be publicised via the appropriate University of Galway channels including, but not limited to, the campus online calendar, the University of Galway Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as appropriate off-campus media.


Exhibition materials may be photographed by University of Galway and the resulting images reproduced for University purposes including publicity. The exhibitor agrees and understands that given the public nature of the Hardiman Research Building exhibition spaces exhibits may also be photographed by the general public and media.


The HRB Exhibitions Committee reserves the right at any time to revise the terms of this Policy. Any such revisions will be uploaded to the relevant websites.


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact

Download PDF copy of the proposal form: QA807 Exhibiting at the Hardiman Research Building Proposal Form

Hardiman Research Building Exhibitions

Tel: 091 49 3399