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Metadata Policy

Where metadata is made publicly available, its copyright rests with the University of Galway Library. It may be reused without prior permission in any medium for educational and research purposes, provided the Library is acknowledged and cited, under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license.

The metadata must not be reused in any medium for commercial purposes without formal permission under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license.

Further details about the licence available at

Digital Library Code and Documentation

A range of resources including codes and software are stored in the Digital Library or held in separate locations and referenced by the Digital Library. Code and software for University of Galway’s Digital Library is covered by its own licences and must not be reused in any medium without formal permission.

Documents or web pages referenced or linked to by the Digital Library are not covered by University of Galway licences, and users should consult the resource or the resource creators regarding reuse. The Digital Library assumes no responsibility for the content of external links.

Use of images Images

may not be reproduced for any purpose, including academic and research purposes, without permission. Permission to reproduce any image or other digital file should be requested from University of Galway Digital Library at Please provide the following details with your request:

  • your details/ your company/ institution details
  • image persistent identifier/ asset Id/ archival record Id
  • details of the collection to which the image belongs
  • purpose for which the image is to be used

Appropriate citation

The reproduction of any content which is permitted by copyright legislation, and authorised by the parent repository, or copyright or intellectual property owner requires an appropriate attribution of the source.

Citations of specific collections or objects from University of Galway’s Digital Library can be auto generated using the ‘Cite this document’ feature on the Digital Collection’s repository. See an example of a citation below:

Patrick Callaghan/ O'Callaghan (14/05/1883), Patrick Callaghan, Battery F, Fourth Artillery, U.S. Army, Fort Snelling, Minnesota, to his sister Maggie Callaghan, Fallow, Kilmacthomas, Waterford (county), 14 May 1883, Publisher University of Galway Digital Library, Asset Id 2996, Archival Record Id P155/1/1/1

Download a PDF copy of the policy: Digital Collections User Policy